This service request is to report a pothole (pavement only)

  • If the pothole is considered a hazard to public safety please call 311.
  • For more info on Potholes, and info about the order they are filled in, click here.
  • Please ensure to provide an accurate location description (I.E. Northbound lane near the stop light) as well as an approximate size of the pothole.
  • If the area had utility work done (I.E. Valve, Manhole, Sewer main, Waterline, etc.) and the patch has now sunk down, use the Paved Road Sunken Service request.
  • For Large Road Breakups (6 meters (20 feet) by 6 meters or bigger), use the Paved Road Repair request.

Haven't found what you are looking for? Call 311 for assistance or further information.