This service request is to report large road breakups.

  • Any asphalt road work that requires the equivalent of one tandem truck load of asphalt (12 tonnes). Anything smaller would be handled by the patching crews, and the Pothole Repair request should be submitted.
    • Typically, the average size pothole requires about a quarter of a tonne to fill.
    • A breakup 6 meters (20 Feet) by 6 meters would need 12 tonnes of asphalt to patch.
  • Frostboils are an example of what would qualify as a Paved Road Repair request, as it’s not just asphalt that needs repair but also base work, where the fix requires to remove the gravel base, replace and re-pave.
    • To see a frost boil, please click here.
  • If the area had utility work done (I.E. Valve, Manhole, Sewer main, Waterline, etc.) and the patch has now sunk down, use the Paved Road Sunken Service request.

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